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My Citibank account downloaded transactions until 1/17/23 and then didn't download transactions until 3/18/23. How do I get Quicken to download the missing transactions?


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    Citibank supports Web Connect so you could try to use that connection method. Go to your Citibank online account and manually download in QFX (or "Quicken" or "Web Connect") format the date range for the missing transactions. Save the downloaded file and then double click on it and open it with Quicken. When prompted select the account to import the transactions into.

    If Quicken will not permit you to import the file into the existing Citibank account in Quicken, let it add a new account for it and give it a unique name. Then go to the new account register and select all the missing transactions (make sure not to select the Opening Balance transaction) using the CLICK>SCROLL DOWN> SHIFT KEY+CLICK process, right click anywhere on the shaded transactions, left click on Move Transaction(s) and then select the Citibank account you want those transactions moved to. Once done you can delete the newly added account.

    After the file is imported and if the account balance does not match the online balance, search your file for a 2nd "Opening Balance" transaction and any overlap of transactions (creating duplicates) and delete the 2nd "Opening Balance" transaction and any duplicate transactions. That should then resolve the balance issue.

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