Primis Bank setup


Primis Bank is not set up correctly within Quicken. Primis requires an email to be entered before you get to the user id and password screen, which is effectively 2FA. Quicken does not ask for the email, only the user id and password so cannot possibly log in and find the account because it does not know all the information.

I have raised the issue five times (3 by phone and 2 online including sending logs) not counting numerous emails. The standard response is to keep trying and keep raising logs which is pointless unless someone actually makes a change in the Quicken setup with Primis to include the email address. This is not a Primis bank issue, despite Quicken's standard response, it's a setup problem in Quicken. Many other banks have various forms of 2FA which are configured correctly in Quicken so this should be easily resolved.

Trying this route to hopefully get the issue addressed.


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