Auto Loan payment register does not display

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Since connecting Quicken to USAA, the auto loan register does not display. This account was previously set up before the USAA interface was enabled. I see the selection search boxes but NO register details. The current balance is also incorrect by one month. I use auto and manual initiated updates. If I uncouple the account from the bank, the register is visible albeit only manual entries are completed.


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    YEP, those are your options. Download into the loan account (and give up your control of the account) or display the register and manage the account yourself.

    I chose the latter option for my loan accounts

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    For what it is worth, I have seen reports simular to this, and it sounds like a bug in Quicken.

    Typically Auto Loans that are setup for automatic downloading have been given the type "Credit Card" because they don't have monthly periodic interest. For whatever reason, when changing over to Express Web Connect + some of these have changed to a standard "Loan" type. The standard loan type when setup for automatic downloading of transactions hides the account register by design, because all the information is supposed to come from the financia institution and they have no way to fix/reconcile it if they let the user change things.

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    Thanks to Chris and NotaCPA. I agree Chris that it's probably a Quicken bug but who knows. I've uncoupled that account now and will manually maintain it until or unless Quicken finds a fix. :/
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