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I am currently a H&B subscriber and am up for renewal. If I buy a product from a 3rd parter retailer will that give me a 12 month subscription?


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    Yes, just make sure it doesn't say "for new subscribers only".

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    @ThomThumb - If you have not already done so you might want to read the following Support Article: https://www.quicken.com/support/how-do-i-manage-my-quicken-subscription . There is a lot of good information in it regarding upgrading and downgrading a subscription, subscription renewal and how to manage your subscription when you purchased it from a 3rd party retailer.

    Also, it is the activation code that is important. You will not need to install any new software so you won't need a CD or download it and install it, again. There is just a single Quicken software. Your subscription determines which edition is activated and that will turn off/on the appropriate functions and features. Once you update your subscription Quicken should automatically reflect the new edition you are subscribing to….but sometimes it will require that you "Sign in as a different user" (sign out and then sign back into Quicken with your current Quicken ID & PW) for the change to be reflected on your computer.

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