How to install Quicken on new computer and restore Quicken data file (edit)


I got a new PC and downloaded Quicken but when I went to restore it was not the right file and now wondering how to get rid of and download the right one.


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    not sure what you did -

    1 - download current Quicken from the website
    2 - copy your Quicken data files from old PC - to flash drive or cloud drive - and then "paste" onto the new PC folder.
    3 - start Quicken on new PC and just open your old Quicken QDF data file

    C:\Users\{Owner}\Documents\Quicken\ … this is your folder for Quicken QDF data files
    C:\Users\{Owner}\Documents\Quicken\BACKUP … this is your folder for Quicken "backup" files

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    To clarify: Your data file is saved on the hard drive and must be transferred from the old computer to the new one. It is not a file that can be downloaded from anywhere (unless you have saved your backup files in a Cloud storage service).

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  • splasher
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    To clarify, the information is in the .QDF or .QDF-backup file, it is not in the program.

    Just open or restore the correct file and it will be the one that Quicken opens the next time you start Quicken. If the file's name is the same, Quicken will offer to overwrite it when doing a restore.

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