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I bought quicken 17 when it came out and it had been installed on my computer since then. Starting last week, while I was working in Quickens it shut down and now it will not let me in. I click on it and enter my password and it spins for a minute and then shuts down. This has been going on since. I don't use the online services and I don't have a subscription, nor do I want those services. What do I need to do get it working again.



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    Do you mean Q 2017? Because BUILD 17 of Q is 20+ years old.

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    I mean Quicken 17, I upgraded to Quicken 17 from an earlier version when I upgraded to newer computer.. I have been a Quicken user since the early 90's

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    I would suggest reinstalling Quicken from the installation disk.

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    just curious … if it's there -

    what does it show

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    Do not reinstall without first securing your quicken.ini file.

    See this discussion for full details:

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    This sounds a lot like the Quicken.ini file issue for QWin 2014-2017. At first, most to the posts being made about this were situations in which someone had reinstalled Quicken on their system or they had bought a new system and were doing a new install on it. But there have also been situations reported where the situation was triggered by something else, perhaps when Quicken was prompted to sync with the Cloud Account for some reason (not to be confused with Mobile & Web Sync) or when the user was signed out and then tried to sign back into Quicken.

    If this is about this Quicken.ini issue, then it is pretty critical to get a copy of the Quicken.ini file from before the issue started and paste it into the current installation, either from the old computer or from a system backup or…..? Because without that it is highly unlikely that this issue can be resolved without upgrading to subscription.

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