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If Quick Pay is no longer supported for Bank of America, why has it not been removed as an option in Bill Pay?


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    Hello @davem1943,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community and telling us about this issue.  I'm sorry to hear you're running into this problem. What is happening when you are trying to send QuickPay payments to Bank of America? Are you getting any specific error messages or error codes?

    Thank you.

    Quicken Kristina

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  • Batiuk
    Batiuk Member

    For the past couple of months, I'm getting "Payment Failed" status messages after trying to make "Quick Pay" payments to (Bank of America CC Bills; Electric and Gas Utility Bills; Cable/ Internet Bills and the list keeps growing. I'm forced to use my bank's "Bill Pay" Service to get these bills paid. This problem seems to be getting worse by the month with more Billers adding to the list. I have Windows 10 running with Quicken Premier. I had Quicken Tech Support dial into my computer and said the problem should be resolved very soon, but it was'nt. Does anyone have any info on this problem?

  • UKR
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    If your bank (the one that runs your checking account) recently required you to reauthorize your checking account and/or your bank has changed from "Direct Connect" to either "Express Web Connect" or "Express Web Connect+" you can no longer use Online Bill Pay direct to the bank or Quicken Bill Manager's Quick Pay function. The bank no longer supports this function through Quicken.

    You have these alternatives (in no particular order of preference):

    1. Use Quicken Bill Manager's Check Pay making sure to submit payment early enough (at least 3 weeks before due date) to allow time for delivery and processing.
    2. Logon to the bank's website and schedule your bill pay payments to be executed by the bank. In parallel to that, in Quicken use a regular Scheduled Reminder to record your payment. Repeat every time another payment is due.
    3. Bypass Bill Manager. Let the biller's computer system do all the work for you. Logon to the biller's website once and set up their Autopay, APS, Direct debit, etc. service to make the current payment and all future payments on Due Date directly from your checking account. In parallel to that, in Quicken use a regular Scheduled Reminder to record your payments before they come due.
    4. Write (or print with Quicken) a paper check and mail it to the biller, making sure to mail payment early enough (at least 10 days before due date) to allow time for delivery and processing.

    I've been using a variation of method #3 for decades, since before the Internet and dial-up were even introduced. It's easy to get used to this process. And I have yet to miss a single payment.

  • EFG
    EFG Member ✭✭

    I've had continuing issue with Bank of America "Biller requires a date of (today) or earlier". Why do we need Quicken's Bill Manager if we're advised to bypass it? We've always had the benefit of future scheduling that provided convenient control over when our bills were paid. That was its value. We didn't have to depend on reminders, and give contol to vendors to take payments automatically on thier terms and timing. And Check Pay never required "at least 3 weeks before due date" for delivery and processing.. Bill Manager has been cumbersome and inefficient from the start compared to the old Billpay app. I have history going back to 1994, or I'd have already converted to another program. Sadly, I likely still will if I can find a program that provides a reasonably manageable conversion. It's truly disappointing, and surprising, that the Quicken owners have not been more responsive.

  • bojo2
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    I agree with EFG. The newer Bill Manager and the CheckPay process poses problems for me too. I am never sure CheckPay is going to satisfy my billers' due date even though I submit weeks prior. The older bill manager was terrific and never gave me pause. I received notice from Quicken their update process with Bank of America is being overhauled but never provided a date of completion, could be months for all I know, and specific download functions from BoA to Quicken are terminated for now. As a long term user of Quicken my trust and faith in the software is being severly tested. I'll hang in for a bit more to see this BoA improvement is worth my Quicken support.

  • davem1943
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    I tried removing Bank of America as one of my online billers.. When adding it back, I get a message that says "We're working on linking Bank of America. We'll let you know if we need anything else." This stays this way and never changes.. Under bill pay, the only option you have for paying a credit card bill is to check pay.. With the lead time required for check pay, that is a hit or miss option that could result in late fees.. A lot better off going to Bank of America web site and schedule your payment there..

    Definitely not getting what we were sold on the Premier option of Quicken..
  • DreamKiller
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    edited April 2023
    No one is answering the OP's original question. I too got the splash window at startup saying that as of April 14 BOA no longer works with Quick Pay, but in bill manager my BOA CC accounts still show up with Quick Pay enabled. I even had payments setup to pay via Quick Pay on April 14 that went through to BOA OK. So does it still work or not?

    The message also said Quicken was working to restore this function with BOA using a better method and I would be informed when that occurs. Quicken is quickly loosing any utility it had for me and I am questioning if still worth $89 a year for the privilege of having more and more functionality removed, whether Quicken's fault or not.
  • Plowboy50
    Plowboy50 Member ✭✭
    I also want to know what is happening with BoA quick pay what is going to replace it. The functionality of Quicken is going away I have to pay my bills at BoA and then enter the transactions into quicken, seems like a waste of time to do it twice..
  • FosterKatz
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    I am having the same issues. Does anyone have a good work around. I deleted 2 of my Bank of America cards but now I cannot reconnect them. I don't mind using BOA to pay them if I have to but I have been using quicken so that everything is viewable in one place and now I have to go to multiple places to find information. This is not helpful. Please work with BOA to resolve this problem. They are a big enough bank that this should be corrected.
  • Greg_the_Geek
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    There is no replacement in Quicken for Bank Bill Pay since BoA changed to EWC+. You need to us Bill Pay from the BoA website. Blame BoA for the loss of functionality, not Quicken.

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