Downloading in .QFX format produces duplicates!

I've never had any luck with the program's ancient, built-in system, which is left over from the 1980s. So I go to Chase and download each account. According the information I was given, .qfx is the best downloading choice since it prevents duplicates. But that's not true; using either .qfx or .qif produces duplicates, and unless I can enter the exact date range that I need I have to pick through the month and discard duplicates.
Before Quicken was owned by the Einsteins that own it now I could go to the bank website, choose "download all entries," which was really quick, and it would put in whichever entries I was missing. Now it's ton of manual work, which leaves me wondering why I even use Quicken any more.


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    It sounds like you might have file corruption. I do Web Connect .QFX files for credit cards with Chase, Capital One (x3), Lowes, Target and JcPenney along with saving and checking from my credit union and they all work as expected, especially the anti-dup process.

    While with the credit cards, I only download the last week's date range, I might do it 2-3 times a week, so there would be duplicates in the subsequent downloads. With the CU, their website is much more tedious to change the date range so I let it download the default of the last two months. I never see duplicates, so your issue is not with Quicken's process, but it could be file corruption in the area that retains the knowledge of which transactions were downloaded in the past.

    You might try doing a File Validate (File menu) to see if it will fix it.

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    Note that for QIF files there isn't any "processing" during the import, and as such it is expected that the transactions will go directly into the register with no regard to what happened in the past (as in you will get duplicates if you import the same transactions again).

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