Default Columns in Bills & Pay (Q Mac)


I often use Biils & Pay to find a vendor and list my transactions. The Memo column does not appear as the current default so I have to change this each time. Please set Memo to be the default. Even better, let the user define the default columns.


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    Are you referring to "Bills & Income"? There is no section called "Bills & Pay". The only subsection of Bills & Income that allows the Memo column is the Projected Balances. If the Memo column is enabled in that section, it remains in view without having to enable it on each visit. Please clarify what part of the app you are referring to.

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    Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words …
    Can you please capture one or more images of the parts of your Quicken window showing the issue, sensitive information blacked out as necessary to protect your privacy but annotated to describe the situation, and attach the image(s) here?
    How do I post a screenshot in the community from windows

    How do I post a screenshot in the community from a mac

    Please save images to files of file type PNG, JPG, or GIF only. They're easier to work with than PDF files.

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