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Why do I have to pay a monthly fee to use Quicken. Why cant I just buy the software to install at on single price?


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    You do pay annually. They just show the monthly price to compare. But look right below, It says Billed Annually.


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    And if you're questioning why you can't buy it one time only, it's because that's the pricing model Quicken — and many other software vendors, from Microsoft to Adobe — has chosen. Ongoing subscriptions allows them to have the staff and resources to continue to fix and enhance the software. I don't think anyone truly loves subscriptions for software, but it's the way much of the software world now works.

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    Well, you can buy Quicken subscription 1X only. After 1 yr the subscriptioin expires and unless you resubscribe for another year all editions except for Starter will then become manual use only with no online services nor support for as long as your system supports it. (Starter will be come read-only.)

    There will also be a banner that takes up about 20%-25% of the Quicken view that cannot be removed short of resubscribing. While that banner can be a nuisance it will not impair manual functionality.

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    Yes I see that you can set up to bill annually but I like being able to buy the application once and using for a few years before buying again. That was working good for me a long time, but then when they started the yearly pay is when Quicken started screwing up on me. When syncing with the banks, it would double up on a lot of transactions even in past years. I have determined that Quicken just started to suck and I quit using it. I am trying to find another BETTER software!!!!!!
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