How can I add my Premier Bank business account?


When I attempt to add my Premier Bank Business Account I am prompted for my user ID and password but not my Company ID which is also required. Anyone else have a similar problem? Thanks!


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    Which Premier Bank? I counted 14 different financial institutions in Quicken so it is important to know which one applies to your checking account. If you are not sure, perhaps you could provide the bank's website address?

    So, when you log into your online account, you are required to enter your Company ID. Is this correct?

    You should know that Quicken does not connect to financial institutions in the same way that we would log into them. The website shown during the Add Account or Set Up Now process in Quicken is simply for reference only. It is not generally not the same website that Quicken uses. So, it is quite possible that Quicken does not need the Company ID to set up the account or that somewhere during the setup process there will or should be a prompt to provide that information.

    When you tried to set up the account in Quicken, please provide exact details of what you did and what the result was.

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    There are a lot of "Premier Bank" entries in the fidir.txt file which lists all of the financial institutions and how they support Quicken.

    I would login to their website and download a Web Connect .QFX file and import it into Quicken (File menu selection or just double click on it in Windows Explorer). Doing so will cause Quicken to create an account with the correct FI information.

    Afterwards, if you want to be able to use One Step Update with the account, go to the Account List (Tools menu), select edit for the account, then on the Online Services tab you can try to use the activate button.

    If setting it up for OSU is not possible, you can continue to download .QFX files to update Quicken.

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