Need help downloading transaction to two different files


I hve three accounts at Schwab and want to download the transactions into two seperate files. The first (orginal file) is my personal file and works fine. The second file I setup only has these three files and the transactions will not download. I can connect to Schwab but the program says everything is up to date. I have tried reseting the accounts but that doesn't work. Any idea how to fix this. Other post here indicate that this should be possible.


  • Tom Young
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    I believe Schwab, when they went to EWC+ as the downloading method, said that transactions from a Schwab account can only be downloaded to one file, but of course I can't find that statement now and I'm not even sure what it meant. Are you logging into that Quicken file using the same UserID and Password? If so, I'd expect that Quicken would respond with that "up to date" message because it (actually the aggregator, Intuit) knows that to be correct.

  • Chris_QPW
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    How was the second data file created?

    One thing that was done in the past that will certainly cause problems now with Express Web Connect + is if the second file was created as just a copy of the first. There is a unique Id in every data file that Quicken uses as in "identifier" for connecting the the Quicken Cloud dataset. If it is the same, both data files will be talking to the same Quicken Cloud dataset which can really mess things up. A while ago Quicken changes its copy so that it makes a "template" instead of a direct copy. It changes the unique Id and disconnects all the online services, so they have to be setup again (to a new Quicken Cloud dataset).

    If you aren't 100% sure that the second data file was created new, then I would use File → Copy or Backup File… → Create a copy or template, to create a copy with a different unique Id and set that one up and see if it works separate from the first one.

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    The file was create as a new file.

    Chris_OPQ, your suggestion seems to have worked. Thanks. Hopefully, the orginal personal file still works.

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