Can I download Quicken 13 (intermediate step) while the latest quicken is installed (no data yet)


I need to get many years of date uploaded from old quicken into 13 version im told then convert the 13 software to the latest…..because i have new subscription…its telling me to remove the new quicken? advice / experience needed


  • NotACPA
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    You can only have a single Q program installed at any 1 time, which is why the install is demanding the un-install

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    Just to clarify - do you have Quicken data from something older than Quicken 13 ?
    And - do you mean "Quicken 2013" or really "Quicken 13" ?

    Also - might review some of these other threads on upgrading from older data & versions -

    QWin - R54.16 - Win10

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