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    @Quicken Kristina -

    Is the Quicken Development team actually putting everyone through the American Express reauthorization pain once again (see attachment "AmericanExpress-Again.JPG")? Quicken for Windows, for me at least, had finally resolved the American Express reauthorization problem a while back and any updates/ payments to the accounts have been working when having two American Express credit cards in Quicken (one personal credit card and one corporate credit card).

    This new "reauthorization" process notification is now being displayed in Quicken for Windows today after getting an automatic update for version R49.29 Build (see attachment "QuickenVersion.JPG").
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    Thank you for your reply,

    Based on the screenshot you included, that is a reminder to reauthorize your accounts if you haven't already done so. Its just letting you know accounts that haven't been migrated to the new connection method by 16 May will stop downloading since the old connection methods will no longer be supported. If you have already migrated your accounts, no further action should be required.

    Thank you.

    Quicken Kristina

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