Update to R49.29 issues

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After auto update 4 accounts need new passwords in vault. Went to update settings but Quicken wont accept. How do fix?


  • es114
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    What a mess. Getting wild and inaccurate figures on those accounts I could downloads. Error messages with Fidelity but some Fidelity accounts DID download and tried again but numbers are way off. Need to get a patch to roll back to a previous revised update.
  • es114
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    double counting in downloads, multiple crashes, can someone please help.
  • Quicken Kristina
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    Hello @es114,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community and telling us about this issue.  I'm sorry to hear you're running into this problem. Do you keep your Quicken file on your C drive or is it on a shared network drive?  Is your Quicken file synced with any cloud service, such as One Drive or Dropbox (if it is, you will usually see the service name listed in the file location)? 

    The simplest way to check your file location, if you have Quicken up and the file open, is to click on File, then look near the bottom of the list, just above where it says Exit.  It will list the file locations for the 4 Quicken files you have most recently accessed, with the one you are currently in at the #1 spot.

    Also, if you haven't done so already, I would recommend reinstalling the update patch.

    Thank you.

    Quicken Kristina

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  • jtomalley
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    Go to this page where a list of previous versions are posted: https://www.quicken.com/support/reinstalling-and-patching-your-quicken-subscription-version-after-your-membership-has.

    I downloaded the mondo patch for v44.28 (October 2022) which was the last time Quicken was even remotely stable. I will be denying any further updates until this thing is fixed.
  • Q97
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    @jtomalley thank you for that link to previous versions of Quicken. Immediately after updating to R49.29, I experienced multiple issues with my paycheck (mobile sync causing it to revert to once a month instead of twice and turning into an income reminder instead of a paycheck reminder). I rolled back to R48.15 and everything is ok again after restoring the corresponding backup.

    R49.29 is not ready for primetime. Before developing any more new features, I wish Quicken would spend several months beefing up their regression tests. At this point, Quicken is mature product and I value stability and reliability over new features, especially ones that are half-baked, cause regressions in current functionality, or worse yet introduce data file corruptions.

    Their internal QA process is clearly lacking. Paying customers are not part of the QA team. Standard development process demands that every new feature and bugfix be accompanied by a comprehensive set of automated regression tests to verify the new functionality and ensure that no existing functionality is impacted. All tests should pass before release, ensuring that the new feature meets the design specs, and that nothing else is broken. If a defect does slip thru, its fix should always be accompanied by a new test. This ensures that you will never unintentionally reintroduce that defect in the future. If you follow this standard practice, you can have confidence that changes to the code base enhance the product without compromising reliability.
  • fda2f6fc
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    I agree. I see this as a significant drawback to the subscription model of selling software. Instead of having a long development period where a robust beta-testing program will reveal the flaws and these flaws can be corrected before release. Quicken, Inc. must be under constant pressure to quickly release frequent updates and minor new features to hopefully appease and keep the subscribers somewhat satisfied. Of course, to do this essentially means that Quicken charges their customers to finish beta-testing for them. Unlike the Microsoft Office product that has a stable code-base refined over many years, the Quicken code base languished for many years under Intuit with primarily cosmetic changes and a move to intertwine the code-base with the .Net framework. Some of you may have noticed years ago the increase in "blue-screen-of-death" program crashes after going to the .Net framework. Then years later, another (this time a good) move to separate the code-base from the .Net framework. The result is that Quicken, Inc. spends a huge amount of available coding time just patching things back together when the customers complain about bugs.

    Those who have used Quicken for years could be Quicken's strongest advocates and recommend Quicken to potential new customers. But until they start releasing stable updates and upgrading the outdated sections of the program, I can not in good conscience recommend Quicken to anyone. Lately, I find myself considering going back to the old way of balancing a checkbook with pen and paper as Quicken does not save me any time and I have to worry if the next update will trash my data.
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