Windows Canada R48.xx Release


The latest Quicken for Windows Canada release R48.15 is now available to all Quicken Canada customers.

Before you take this update, we recommend you perform a One Step Update to ensure that your data is synced to the cloud and also make a backup of your data file.

What’s Included:

What’s New

  • Income by Security report that offers a detailed view of investment income earned from securities (Quicken Premier and Quicken Home & Business).
  • Ability to create email templates to be used when sending invoices to customers from Quicken (Quicken Home & Business).

What’s Improved

  • Added dialog to convert Shares Added to Stock Split when it appears a brokerage has reported a stock split as added shares. This conversion has the option to be used once, always, or never.
  • The Portfolio Value report has been extended with column sorting and an option to show lot details. This facilitates reviewing investment positions for tax loss harvesting.
  • RSU investment tracking now features a one-time vesting option and can round off fractional shares.
  • Quicken can now highlight new transactions. This feature will automatically be turned on for new users. Existing users can turn it on using the Selected Row Style preference in your register menu.
  • Tax reports can now be created for any year in which there is financial data. This removes the previous limit of three years.
  • Improved allocation of cost basis across multiple lots when using the Spinoff Wizard.
  • Data displayed on Dashboard cards is now more consistent with the standard Income and Expense reports.
  • Overall performance of the application.
  • Modernized look and feel of Mobile & Web tab.

What’s Fixed

  • Issues with the steps for adding investment accounts, including incorrect screens and inability to move past the Simple/Complete Investing prompt.
  • Synchronizing split categories transactions created on mobile/web with Quicken desktop could result in losing the split categories.
  • The investment reconciliation steps incorrectly prompted users to Enter Valid Date.
  • The Find & Replace screen displayed improperly when using Large Fonts.
  • New Match was not displaying for transactions that were first added on mobile/web but matched on the desktop program.
  • Setting an account as a category for a memorized payee resulted in a duplicate memorized payee after syncing to the cloud.
  • When transferring shares between accounts, the date order for the lots was incorrect on the security detail screen.
  • When editing an account, the Show Separate Accounts option would not remain selected.
  • When choosing Upload to Cloud for .txt files, a 403 error occurred.
  • Line items for split transactions would lose their categories when syncing with mobile/web.
  • When using auto reconcile for an investment account, a blank dialog box would appear.
  • Incorrectly reporting a securities mismatch error for new investment transactions.
  • Issues with the order of cards on the Dashboard when adding investment accounts. Additional dashboard issues with the order, amounts, and date ranges.
  • Negative balances incorrectly appeared when entering split investment transactions.
  • When creating a copy of a file, attachments would be added to the copy when the Attachments option was deselected.
  • Quicken was changing the customer-entered date for some scheduled reminders.
  • Some investment accounts were incorrectly identified as Retirement accounts.
  • Security Names were truncated in the Portfolio by Security view for both the Dashboard and Investing Dashboard.
  • Customers using transaction passwords were getting asked for the password multiple times during synchronization.
  • An issue syncing budgets to the cloud.
  • An issue in which a Category edited for a single instance of a bill was incorrectly applied to future instances of that bill.
  • An issue with the print preview screen showing reports at reduced size, although reports would print correctly.
  • An issue in which some invoices incorrectly placed billing information in the Ship to field.
  • For bill reminders that recurred based on the number of days, the frequency did not appear on the reminders page.
  • The blue dot indicating a new transaction appeared inconsistently in the register and account bar when updating accounts.
  • The Find & Replace feature was not finding amounts separated by commas.
  • Duplicate prompt displayed when confirming the move of selected reconciled transactions to a different account.Report data refresh issue when ‘Subtotal by’ option is changed.
  • Net Income from Paycheck showed as uncategorized income in reports.
  • Investment sell transaction could showed the wrong status in Compare To Register even after accepting it.
  • Move Investment Transaction dialog showed a non-account in the list.
  • Incorrect display of investment balances in the account bar is some cases where future-dated transactions are present (as with RSUs).
  • Balance issue on Dashboard investment card when filtered by accounts.
  • Payee reports showed transactions belonging to other payees in some cases.
  • Mismatch between spending snapshot and the transaction list.
  • Global search incorrectly excluded investment results.
  • Other issues that could cause crashes.

You can also download and install the Mondo Patch here.

Thank you!

-Quicken Anja
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