Budget Actuals are wrong

Hi, I'm using the budget feature in Quicken and one of my categories is completely off. In my 'Fees' category the actuals reported have transactions that do not tie to the register at all. For example, YTD in the budget report I have accumulated $60K in fees, but when I look at my expenses, only $1.5K has been spent. I look in 'all transactions' and sort by payee and they do not tie. Its as if in the budget actuals there erroneous/made up transactions. How do I fix this? Thanks for the help!



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    Do you have future bill reminders turned-on in the budget? Try unchecking "include reminders", if you do. See image.

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    I tried that, but that didnt work. Its almost like quicken is entering erroneous transactions in the budget. For example, all these Fees on the 10th (and all the others) are erroneous transactions. They dont show up in any accounts and when I look at 'all transactions' they are not there either.

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    Hello @rshahapu,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community and telling us about this issue.  I'm sorry to hear you're running into this problem. When did you first notice this happening? Was there anything that happened just before the issue started, such as a power surge, power outage, update, unexpected program or computer shutdown, etc?  Do you keep your Quicken file on your C drive or is it on a shared network drive?  Is your Quicken file synced with any cloud service, such as One Drive or Dropbox (if it is, you will usually see the service name listed in the file location)? 

    The simplest way to check your file location, if you have Quicken up and the file open, is to click on File, then look near the bottom of the list, just above where it says Exit.  It will list the file locations for the 4 Quicken files you have most recently accessed, with the one you are currently in at the #1 spot.

    Thank you.

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