Is there a way to edit the gain/loss column?

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Not sure how this happened, my gain/loss column shows a huge loss that is not the case. The largest error is in the Money market (cash) account. everything else for that account is correct but the total and % info. been a Quicken user for thirty years and never cared about it. Now retired I have the time to correct if possible.(lol) Thanks


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    The Gain/Loss number is a program-calculated number and can't be directly "edited." You're going to have to either find the underlying error - if the quote is correct and the number of shares is correct then the problem has to be the basis number is wrong - or Remove the money market fund entirely and then Add it back with the correct numbers.

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    I have found that sometimes the share price of money market funds gets set to zero when updating quotes. This of course will shaw as a large loss, 100% of the value of the fund.

    Since money market funds always have a share price of $1.00, the best approach is to make sure that is the latest price in your price history is 1.00 and then un-check the Download Quotes box in the Security List for your money market funds. If incorrect prices have been downloaded, you will have to review the Price History for those funds and correct or delete the $0.00 entries.

    Note that Quicken Help is incorrect on this topic, where it says prices for funds whose tickers end with XX are not downloaded. In general they ARE downloaded but sometimes the price is zero.

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