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Been a Quicken user for decades, and have installed and migrated to new computers MANY times…this one is a NIGHTMARE. Old system was Win10, new is Win11. Migration went beautifully UNTIL I tried to open my Quicken (Home, Business, and Rental). I put in my credentials (accurate to the Quicken website) and I keep getting a popup window telling me my credentials don't match (they do!) and insisting I purchase license (my current license is good through October as I recall…so I don't want to purchase now! I've tried using the "security code" process, it requires I change my password, I change it, it confirms I changed it, I try to login again with the new password and AGAIN it insists I must be a "new user" and must purchase a license. Even when logged in on the Quicken site, when I click "My order history" it takes me back to the same page "Welcome to your Account". This is beyond frustrating! Any suggestions????

By the way, when I click on the Quicken icon on my computer, it does seem to load (I can see my data for 1-2 seconds and then the window telling me my credentials don't match appears again! I'm not a newbie to either Quicken or computers in general…there must be something I'm missing…or Quicken is missing!


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    Hmmmm…..that seems odd. You might want to try uninstalling Quicken. Then log into your online account, download a fresh copy of the installation file from there and then instal that. Doing it this way should allow you to open Quicken without needing to sign in.

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    Are you going through Edit→Preferences→Quicken Id to login to a different Id, if not, try that process.

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    where are you located ?
    do you use a VPN ?

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