Split Transaction Corruption and Fix

I just had to repair around 20 split transactions that were corrupted with additional entries, when I attempted to do some reorganization of my tags. My primary checking register has almost 11,000 entries. I was able to find the corrupted entries by exporting the current register and then exporting the same register from a backup and doing some Excel magic.

I have had this happen at least two times in the past, and each time I have had to find the changed transactions and then correction them.

I have to believe that based on the other comments I have read, this is a still a common issue for many Quicken users.

There was a comment made in a previous post that Quicken recognized there was an issue, and that they were working on a fix. If they think they have delivered it, as of R49.29 it is still there.

Are there any updates on this from Quicken support?

Here is the link to the previous post:

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    When you say "corrupted with additional entries" can you describe exactly what is happening?

    Were the transactions corrupted as a result of reorganizing the Tags, or were they already corrupt and you discovered the problem when you did the reorganization?

    Does the total amount stay the same?

    Did the original Categories stay the same, or did they change?

    Was this a special type of transaction - a Paycheck, loan payment, or something that Quicken generated automatically?

    Were these entered via a Reminder, a Memorized Payee, or manually?

    Do you review each downloaded transaction to make sure it is correct before accepting it?

    Could it be that a downloaded transaction was matched to the wrong Memorized Payee?

    An example would be really helpful.

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