PNC reauthorization with activity going to wrong account

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I have multiple accounts at PNC and my checking account activity was downloaded into my savings account after the reauthorization. I just now checked those accounts from the account list and I see the account number for the checking account is showing up in both accounts.

I see several options.

I could take my last backup and start from there. If I do that, what will happen with the reauthorization? Will it then be all fouled up because PNC already saw that happen?

I could deactivate and reactivate all PNC accounts within the transaction download process. Again what would happen with the reauthorization?

I could just deactivate and reactivate the 2 PNC accounts impacted. Reauthorization again?

Othe ideas?


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    Hello @a1newman,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community and telling us about this issue.  I'm sorry to hear you're running into this problem. Did your checking account activity download only into the savings account, or is it also in the checking account? If you have transactions intermingled to the point where it would be a lot of work to manually correct, then restoring from a backup would be your best option. Please note that if you restore from a backup that happened before you reauthorized your accounts, Quicken will see those accounts as connected by the old method in the newly restored file and will prompt you to reauthorize again. You should be able to reauthorize without issue; you'd just get another security email from your financial institution once the authorization is complete.

    If correcting it is fairly simple (eg delete the transactions the downloaded to the wrong place, or cut/paste the transactions into the correct account), then you would want to make the corrections, backup your file, then disconnect and re-add the affected accounts. When re-adding the affected accounts, please make sure to go to Tools>Add Account and follow the prompts. Once you complete the authorization and you are back in Quicken, it will usually go to the Add/Link screen. Make sure to verify that it is seeing the correct action (Link to existing) and the correct nickname in Quicken for each account to connect to and correct it if its wrong. Most duplicate or incorrectly linked accounts come from Quicken guessing wrong on this screen.

    Going through the authorization again shouldn't mess anything up. You would just get another security email from your financial institution after you successfully authorize again.

    Thank you.

    Quicken Kristina

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