Twice Monthly Reminders changing to Montly (and other issues)

Freddy Marsh
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I contacted support and they were lost, their suggestion was my data file must be corrupt "which is always" their go to suggestion, [Removed-Rant]. I have several twice monthly deposits/bills/transfers. All of them switch, on their own, to Monthly after one or two close/open of the application. Outside of that, I cannot even do the credit score as it gives a "Error Connecting to Server".

Today I clean installed Windows. Installed Quicken. Created a new file. Checked the credit score and same issue. Contacted support and their suggestion was wait as it was temporary (it hasn't worked this year). No biggie, I haven't been able to use it anyways so I just hide it as I have been doing for five months and keep going.

I enter all of my accounts, configure the syncing which takes hours as it messes up[Edited-Language] the balances of other accounts since it decides that a transaction is a "transfer" even when it isn't. After probably 12 hours time, I have everything configured and I am ready to go. New bill and income reminders, etc. I open the billing and income reminders and once again thousands of dollars worth of twice monthly bill and income reminders have switch, on their own, to monthly. I really think this is the last straw with Quicken. It cannot be used in its current state as it is not reliable.

Can anyone suggest how to get this resolved [Removed-Rant].


  • Quicken Kristina
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    Hello @Freddy Marsh,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community and telling us about this issue.  I'm sorry to hear you're running into this problem. The reminders changing from 2 weeks to monthly is a known issue that has been reported, though we have no ETA. You can see the thread discussing the issue here.

    With the credit score issue, could you give more detail what is happening? You mentioned its been going on for over a year. Were you previously signed up and able to see the credit score information, or did this happen when you tried to sign up? Are you getting the error when you click on the words "credit score" to see the pop up window with details?

    Thank you.

    Quicken Kristina

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  • Freddy Marsh
    Freddy Marsh Member ✭✭
    You click the credit score and you get the uploaded image. Nothing ever changes. IT has worked in the past, but not anymore. I did have this file attached to another account at some point in the past, but you cannot login under that account and un-enroll from the service as I thought that could be causing the issue and tried it, but it was a no go. As far as the Thread you posted, thanks. that is just one other gripe I have with Quicken as I searched all over the forum and the internet using "twice a month", "monthly", "reminders" in various forms and pairings to no avail. I cannot understand why the phone and two chat agents never indicated this, instead sending me on a full day of recreating a "corrupted" profile after doing clean installs. That was a colossal waste of my time for nothing.

    In reality, I am biding my time for my subscription to end while actively looking for an alternative, even if it means going back to doing things the old-fashioned way. At least that way I know it will work and be reliable. I have been a consumer of Quicken since 2008 at minimum and this is the last year. They are constantly having some issue and I feel their technical support is nearly clueless when contacted, and I am supposed to have the premium support.

    I am just ignoring the credit file issue. I have already hidden it again. I was just hoping it would resolve when I created the new, not "corrupted" file. As far as the reminders, I have created two where I should only have one. One for the middle of the month and one for the end of the month, for every single one of the multiple twice monthly reminders. Twice the work and twice the effort for a software glitch on a production that costs a $100 a year almost. Overpriced and unreliable, and going to be a part of my past come January 2024.
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