Q Mac 7.0.4 Downloads But will not install

Dorsey Price
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I am running 7.0.2 on my Mac Studio and have been getting update notices for 7.0.4. When I try to install it downlopads then goes awya. I relaunch Quicken and it is 7.0.2 again and asks me to install 7.0.4 over and over with the same results. Never had this problem before!


  • jacobs
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    First, if you haven't, restart your Mac. That surprisingly cures a host of odd problems.

    If that doesn't work, open your Applications folder and drag the current Quicken.app to your Desktop or Trash. (Don't empty the Trash in case you want to retrieve it.) Then login to Quicken.com and click the link to download the Mac version; run the installer, and you should be up and running again.

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  • Dorsey Price
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    Thanks, I'll try that!
  • rachelgomez
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    You're experiencing an issue where Quicken Deluxe on your Mac Studio keeps prompting you to install the 7.0.4 update but doesn't actually update. Try restarting your computer, manually downloading the update from the Quicken website, or uninstalling and reinstalling Quicken. If the problem persists, contact Quicken Support for further assistance. Remember to back up your data before making any changes.

    Rachel Gomez
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