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There is a huge amount of instructional information within the Quicken program. There are also many Quicken tutorial videos on YouTube. However, using any of this information still puts a user in the position of starting a Quicken database with effectively a blank slate.

In contrast, some other programs come with a set of “templates” for various common needs in life which establish a starting point for a new real-world application. Microsoft’s Office and Apple’s iWork suite are two examples of such programs.

So, I propose that Quicken develop and offer templates for Quicken databases. Here are some examples of common real-world applications that could be templates:

  • Church.
  • Sports Team.
  • Club. 
  • Estate Settlement. 

Each template would come with:

  • Example income Accounts (5-10)
  • Example expense Accounts (5-10), including group member accounts (5-10).
  • Example transactions (25-50).
  • Example cash report, based on example transactions. 
  • Example net worth report, based on example transactions. 

I would believe such a set of templates would increase the usage of Quicken and possibly increase sales.

However, Quicken management may view such a development effort solely as a cost. In that case, it may work to challenge the existing Quicken customer base to develop the templates and operate the process as a contest.

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