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I have 2 new accounts for an investment account that already has 3 attached to it. When I download, the one account downloads all 3. But I want the 2 new accounts in it to download too. I see them when I login to the site. How can I do this?


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    I think you may be confusing Securities and Accounts. At most brokerages, you can hold several securities (mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, bonds, etc) in one account and they will all be downloaded together.

    Would it be correct to restate your issue as "I have 2 new securities in an investment account that already holds 3 other securities. … I want the 2 new securities to download too."

    Or are the new accounts actually different accounts at the brokerage, with different account numbers? This might happen if the new accounts are IRAs or in a different person's name.

    Please clarify.

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    @bobnunny,What brokerage? Some require that you use "Single Mutual Fund" accts only a single fund can be in the Q acct.

    But, in general, a Q investment acct can hold MANY different securities.

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