When will One Step Update for Fidelity transactions be fixed?

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One step update has not been downloading Fidelity brokerage transaction for some time now. My previous report has been marked closed but the problem h as not been fixed. When will it be fixed. Quicken is not accurate because it is not working. Please fix!!!


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    Wow. You're right. I just checked today and saw that the last transactions downloaded to quicken were back in February. Nothing since March. It's funny because there are no errors indicated. Quicken acts like all is fine after attempting to update the account.

    I'll try the typical resets etc to see if it helps.

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    Update: I tried a reset and it didn't help.

    Just to clarify, my problem is with a Brokerage link account that's linked to a Fidelity Net Benefits 401k account. (The 401k account has to be manually downloaded as a QIF file to get them into quicken).

    The brokerage link account itself has worked with Quicken's one step update. The reset didn't work for that account but when I deactivated it in Quicken then set up online access again, it worked and updated the missing transactions (edit: Only very recent transactions were downloaded - I was still missing several transactions since February. I have to keep an eye on this going forward).

    I also have a regular Fidelity brokerage account that has been updating fine recently.

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    Hi @Nancy. Are you referring to Fidelity Investments or Fidelity NetBenefits? Also, what kind of investment account is it?

    FWIW, I have brokerage accounts with Fidelity Investments (taxable, tax exempt Roth IRAs and tax deferred IRAs) and have not had any significant issues with downloading from Fidelity since early last September.

    Fidelity NetBenefits connections are another issue and there have been quite a few the last few months.

    Understanding which financial institution you have can help ensure that an appropriate response can be provided.

    My previous report has been marked closed but the problem h as not been fixed.

    Community is a users forum, not a Quicken Support site. While there are a few Quicken employees (mostly Moderators) who browse Community and will offer some troubleshooting and process suggestions or to look into some issue, almost everyone posting here is a user just like we are. If you want Quicken Support on something you need to contact them directly via Phone or Chat ( https://www.quicken.com/support#contact-support ) or by submitting a report to them via Help > Report a Problem.

    As a users forum, the general protocol is that post threads are closed after 2 wks without any new posts being made, whether or not the issue has been resolved. That is why your previous thread have been closed….no new activity for a period of time.

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