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Before purchasing an upgrade, is there a way I can see a list of all credit cards that can be connected, thanks


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    So you have an existing subscription? Then you can use your current subscription Add Account feature to see if the credit card(s) in question might be able to be connected. Upgrading your subscription does not add more financial institutions (FIs), it just adds different features/functions (there is only 1 QWin software and the subscription determines which features are turned on or off).

    Another way to check whether or not a credit card might support Quicken is to search your hard drive for the FIDIR.txt file and then open it in Notepad. This file is the Financial Institutions Directory list that tells Quicken which financial institutions support Quicken, which connection method(s) they support and which type(s) of accounts they support. It is not real user-friendly but once you learn how to read the listings it is not hard to use but there is a lot of data in it.

    What you will want to know before using the FIDIR.txt file is the FI name. Then:

    1. Cntrl+F to search for the name of the FI.
    2. If you do not find the FI, seach for the FI's URL and/or the name of the credit card.
    3. If you find it, look in the line for the word CREDIT. If this is not found, then the credit card cannot be connected.
    4. If CREDIT is found, look for DIRECT, EXPRESS-WEB-CONNECT and WEB CONNECT. If any of these are found in the line, that tells you which connection method(s) can be used.

    All of this works reasonably well but with credit cards in particular it can sometimes be difficult to know which FI connection set up link to use. So, then it becomes a trial-and-error process. What many people do when they can't confirm which FI connection set up link to use is to make inquiries in this Community. You will likely get an answer pretty quickly.

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    The simplest way to get your list is to do the upgrade, start a new test file and your create credit card accounts and setup them up for downloading. If you aren't satisfied with the results, apply for a refund, you have 30 days to test.

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