I’ve been using the same desktop Quicken since 2010

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As the title says I’ve been using desktop Quicken 2010 since, well, 2010. I don’t like automatic links, I prefer to manually enter my transactions, bills, transfers, etc. I mostly use the planning tab for cash flow purposes and review the net worth tab to evaluate my performance over the years.

Since I don’t want automatic connections and am happy with my quicken 2010 application as it is, what benefit would there be to go to a newer version and have to pay a subscription?

The reason I ask is I got a new computer with no disc drive, my old computer was from 2013 and had a disc drive, so I’m either going to buy a standalone disk drive to load up my Quicken 2010 disc or I’ll have to go subscription. What specifically will I appreciate about a newer version?

If I do the subscription for one year and let it lapse after that will I be able to continue using the application or will I be locked out of my file?

Will I be able to import my 13 year old file if I upgrade? That is a tremendous amount of net worth and spending data that I am unwilling to lose.


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    Going subscription isn't going to solve the problem of not having a disk drive, you're still going to need one for modern Quicken.

    AS long as you get Quicken Deluxe or better, you can let your subscription lapse after a year & still use the program, but a significant part of the window will be taken up with a nag to renew.

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    I think you are talking about an optical disk drive (e.g. CD/DVD-ROM drive). You would not need one for modern Quicken as it installs from a download from your quicken.com account.

    But my question would be whether Quicken 2010 will even run on whatever version of Windows is on the new computer. I'm a QMac-only user, so I'm no help about QWin versions. If you post what version of Windows is on the new machine, hopefully a QWin expert will chime in with that answer.

    Other areas that a QWin expert might help with is what improvements exist in current QWin that may be of benefit to you over Quicken 2010 and whether current QWin will fully import a Quicken 2010 data file.

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    I would suggest downloading/installing the free version of Quicken 2013 deluxe.


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    You don't say which edition of QWin 2010 you are using but you might want to consider downloading and installing QWin 2013 Deluxe for free from  Quicken 2013 for Windows. No CD/DVD drive is needed and it's free. And you should be able to continue using it manually like you have been with no restrictions for as long as your system supports it.

    You might find a CD for other pre-subscription versions of QWin (2014 - 2017) somewhere (such as on EBay) but do not buy it. These versions are no longer compatible with the current Quicken.ini file requirements so they will not run. But QWin 2013 should install and run well and it will convert your QWin 2010 data.

    If you are interested, you can read more about converting from older versions here: https://www.quicken.com/support/how-and-when-use-intermediate-version-convert-older-versions-quicken .

    If after downloading and installing QWin 2013 you decide for some reason that you don't like it or it is not meeting your needs you can always uninstall it, buy that external CD/DVD drive and then try installing your QWin 2010.

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  • Greg_the_Geek
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    FWIW, the OP doesn't need to buy an external CD/DVD drive. They can just use the CD/DVD drive in the old computer to copy the contents of the Quicken 2010 CD to a flash drive and then use that to install on the new computer. They should also install the Quicken 2010 R10 Mondo patch from https://www.quicknperlwiz.com/quicken-2010-patches.html .

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    @Greg_the_Geek has your best solution. Use a different computer to do the copy. Changing to QW2013 will probably work, but it isn't exactly like 2010 and you just might not like the changes to the user interface.

    Stick with what you got.

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