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Banks leaving Direct Connect

So Union Bank was acquired by US Bank, and everything I read said they offered Direct Connect Connections with a monthly fee. The transition happened. Several days of "setting up" and "waiting" and it's ready. Except it didn't work properly. According to the banker I spoke to, US Bank is joining the rest (Chase, BofA, Discover, etc.) and "upgrading" to faster more secure, blah blah. So now I have a newly renewed Premier Quicken subscription but no bill pay. AND no ability to downgrade. Quicken knew this was happening, why didn't they notify the customers that the main reason for paying for the expensive Premier, billpay from the register, was not going to be available? The bank seems to think the mass exodus will encourage Quicken to design a new bill pay. That doesn't help now.


  • Tom Young
    Tom Young SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭

    I'm not sure at all that Quicken somehow "knew this was happening." It's not like Quicken and its users are at all really important in the big scheme of things to these banks and I know that some of these changes from Direct Connect to some flavor of EWC have only come to Quicken's attention days before it happened.

    There is some ability to downgrade as explained here:

  • BRow
    BRow Member

    I received the attached pop up message from Quicken in early May, so Quicken was definitely aware one month ago that US Bank services were changing. Last week my online bill pay failed, and I've spent hours on the phone with US Bank and Quicken with no resolution. Quicken says US Bank no longer offers DIRECT CONNECT so Quicken can not perform on line bill pay through US Bank. US Bank says their PFM DIRECT CONNECT is still available. Something changed, and the pop up message provided no information about what US Bank customers should do. It is clear to me is that Quicken is not on top of this problem. I think formal notice should have been sent by email or letter with advice and help for continuing to use on line bill pay. Quicken had a month to provide warning and assistance and took no action. I'm disappointed and now scrambling to pay bills.

  • NotACPA
    NotACPA SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭

    @BRow Your jpg says, in essence, that BillPay using Direct Connect with USB is going (has gone) away.

    IT DOES NOT say that USB is discontinuing DC, which I use with USB also.

    And I didn't receive this since I wasn't doing BillPay

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