Financial Institutions Not Supported Via EWC in Quicken Mac Due to 0 balance

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The following financial institutions are not supported for downloading via EWC in Quicken Mac due to the 0 balance issue. Anyone who has the account connected will keep it with 0 balance being returned. Anyone who tries to add will get error "Quicken couldn't find any accounts to add" error message.

"7327" - Equitable Life Insurance
"7883" - Wealthfront
"17260"- Wealthfront Inc.
"66337" - Jackson National Life
"66503" - Empower Rtd - 401k
"66553" - Financial Decisions
"66627" - Invesco
"66628" - Janus Henderson
"66660" - Mutual of America
"66663" - Dodge and Cox Funds
"66712" - The Education Plan
"66722" - Ohio Deferred Compensation
"67926" - Victory Capital 

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