Quicken OFX Version ?

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I am working with bank, currently building QFX format file Account Report which can be used by Customer to upload on Quicken. I have few question

  1. Which OFX version is supported by Quicken?
  2. Which format is supported SGML or XML? From version 2.0 , are we using XML format?
  3. Which version is supported for Loan Statement ?
  4. How can I test file ? Is their any test portal which can be use to test the file

Thanks in advance


  • NotACPA
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    If the bank has signed the contract with Intuit to be a "Participating Financial Institution", the bank can get this info from Intuit.

    If not, this in an inappropriate question

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  • jacobs
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    Yes, this information for financial institutions come from Intuit; the bank you are working for has access to this information. This information is not available to consumers.

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