Wells Fargo Account Keeps Asking for 2FA/MFA Code Upon Every Refresh


i am having the same issue. as in the discussion 7925014, link below. I tried the instructions Jasmine gave. I am still getting prompted for the method (text) and then i have to enter the code texted to me every time for Wells Fargo credit card. its the only financial institution that does this, and I download about 10 different FI's. what can i do?

thank you


  • Quicken Kristina
    Quicken Kristina Moderator mod

    Hello @kevin Tinkelman,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community and telling us about this issue.  I'm sorry to hear you're running into this problem. Has it always done this when you are updating your Wells Fargo accounts, or did the issue just recently start? If it just recently started, do you remember if there were any recent changes that happened around the same time?

    The financial institution controls when a prompt for 2 factor authentication appears, so I would recommend checking on Wells Fargo's website first to see if there is any sort of "Remember me" option. You may also want to check your web browser's security settings, since if the settings are set too high, it may block cookies needed for the financial institution to remember you.

    Thank you.

    Quicken Kristina

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