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I was formerly a long-time (since early 1990's) user of Quicken for Windows. Since changing to the Apple Macintosh platform in 2007, I had used Quicken for Mac until a couple of years ago, when as an economy measure I cancelled my quicken subscription. I resubscribed to Quicken last week, because I need for Quicken to perform one, seemingly simple function. So far, I can't see a clear path to setting this up.

I need for Quicken to send me notifications about an upcoming 'bill payment due'. I get that Quicken doesn't put notifications into the MacOS Calendar app (although by now you should!), but rather, Quicken works off of its own internal calendar. However, what I would like for Quicken to do is to send an alert to the MacOS Notifications sidebar so that I know that I have an upcoming bill to pay. Last week I set up all of my monthly bills in Quicken so that I could put the bill payments aspect of my finances on autopilot, but I have not yet seen any sidebar notifications on my MacBook Pro (Ventura), iPad, or iPhone for upcoming bills due or overdue bill payments. Is this even possible to set up??


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    Quicken Mac does not send bill reminders via macOS notifications. For now, you have to launch Quicken periodically (weekly?) to look at your Bills & Income screen or your Calendar screen to see any upcoming scheduled transactions.

    There is an existing Idea thread (a request for a new feature or functionality) for notifications via macOS. I suggest you add your vote for it by clicking the little arrow in the yellow box. Ideas which get more traction are forwarded to the development team for consideration. Unfortunately, this hasn't attracted a lot of votes since it was posted a few years ago, but perhaps more people will see this thread and click over to vote for it. (It's not that it's not a good idea; it's that they have hundreds of feature requests and the staff to implement them only slowly over time.)


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