Windows Canada R50.xx Release


The latest Quicken for Windows Canada release R50.9 is now available to all Quicken Canada customers.

Before you take this update, we recommend you perform a One Step Update to ensure that your data is synced to the cloud and also make a backup of your data file.

What’s Included:

What’s New

  • Introduced a feature that allows users to more efficiently search transactions within the Compare-to-Register (C2R) section in banking registers. This targeted search option is separate from the register search and allows users to find just your new transactions by date, check number, payee, and amount.

What’s Improved

  • Added the ability to sort columns in multiple reports.
  • Improved Investing Partnership tracking by considering shares across all investment accounts when computing share balance. This allows for the accurate calculation of updated value per share after capital calls and distributions.
  • Enhanced the investment register with the Compare-to-Register (C2R) area is displayed. You can now drag to resize the lower area to see more of your newly downloaded transactions (as in the banking registers).
  • Enhanced the Hide Column feature in supported reports, including Transaction, Itemized Categories, Itemized Tags, Itemized Payees, and Tax Summary. This update introduces a visible 'close' icon on column headers that can be hidden, providing a more intuitive way to customize the view.(You can always re-add the column using the existing, reporting customization options.)
  • Added the ability to horizontally scroll through reports using the touchpad of your computer. Previously, horizontal scrolling was only possible by using the scroll bar.
  • The Income by Security Report now includes an optional feature to display securities with zero income.
  • Added a new setting in the Customize dialog for reports that allows customers to exclude accounts with $0 balances in Account Balances and Net Worth reports, improving the readability of these reports.
  • The Capital Gains report now allows users to sort all columns within each subtotal block, in ascending and descending order, for each Subtotal By menu item.
  • Improved default column width and column width adjustment in the Investment Income report.
  • Added ability to double-click on column separator on reports, enabling the columns to expand or shrink to fit to the contents of the column, with the new column width persisting in the corresponding standard report by default, making it easier to view data and reducing the need for manual resizing.
  • Changes made to the column width on reports are now saved immediately without waiting until the report is closed. The changes are retained even when the report is customized or the Subtotal by option is changed.
  • Added PDF preview capability to attachment viewer to allow for easier access and navigation of PDF attachments.
  • The Placeholder Entries text in the investment register has been moved to an info icon, while still ensuring that the text is displayed on click of it.
  • Investments Compare to Register has been updated to include the ability to resize columns using arrows. The controls have also been updated to match the spending Compare to Register.

What’s Fixed

  • Fixed issue in the Don't ask about lot assignment preference, in which users were prompted when adding new transactions resulting in a short position, despite having the setting engaged.
  • Fixed issue in which no error message was shown when Quicken could not open an attachment.
  • Fixed issue in which the date was not displayed for attachments added in prior releases.
  • Fixed issue in which transactions would lose focus when adding an attachment, requiring customers to click the transaction again before saving it.
  • Fixed issue in which the memo field was not populating correctly when entering transactions from the Bill and Income reminder for loans converted to lending loan accounts.
  • Fixed issue in which archived investment accounts were set up with the home currency rather than the currency of the account being archived.
  • Fixed issue in which tags disappeared after syncing a memorized payee with multiple tags.
  • Fixed issue in which Quicken crashed after accepting downloaded transactions for some Investing accounts.
  • Fixed an issue with the auto-resizing of the Date column in reports.
  • Fixed an issue in which the report graph data overlapped in the print preview and in printed reports.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when searching for a financial institution while attempting to add an account
  • Fixed an issue where investment holdings seen on Quicken Companion Web or Mobile app might not match holdings on desktop.
  • Fixed an issue where Quicken incorrectly changed the Entered date for customer-entered bills.
  • Fixed an issue in which creating and editing a memorized payee in Quicken Web would lead to multiple memorized payee entries in Quicken Windows.
  • Fixed an issue where a crash could occur when adding items in the Customize Action Toolbar.
  • Fixed an issue where Quicken was prompting users to enter their vault password for scheduled updates.
  • Fixed an issue where an Apply button was incorrectly displayed over FI logo when attempting to reconcile account.
  • Fixed an issue where some customers could not recategorize multiple transactions from a Register Report.
  • Fixed an issue where some Financial Institutions that supported Express Web Connect (EWC) incorrectly indicated only Web Connect was supported.
  • Fixed an issue causing false alarms from antivirus software.
  • Resolved an issue where some scheduled paychecks were being improperly altered.
  • An issue where the 'Add from Scanner' option in the Register did not correctly recognize devices.
  • A crash sometimes occurred when loading corrupted or empty attachment files.
  • Restored the paperclip icon for new transactions.
  • Resolved issue in which the Add button didn't work for adding transaction attachments.
  • A crash sometimes occurred when attempting to save an Email Template for a report.
  • A crash sometimes occurred when printing the investment register.
  • A crash sometimes occurred when accessing the Account Balances report.
  • Syncing to the cloud caused the Entered or Transaction date for a transaction to change to Posted.
  • A crash sometimes occurred when opening the split transaction window for a paycheck deposit.
  • An issue with creating subcategories under Expense due to a presence of an invalid category.
  • Quicken incorrectly changed security balances and amounts for some funds in Simple Investing.
  • An issue in which changes made to transactions through the report retagging feature were not being applied.
  • A crash sometimes occurred when selecting a budget in annual detailed view for the prior year and then selecting File > Print Budget.
  • An issue in which Quicken was creating sub-tags causing a single tag to become multiple tags on reports. The issue occurred when a transaction had an associated tag ID and Quicken considered both the split tag and base tag during sync.
  • Blank lines appeared in the register when the register was the default opening page for a password-protected data file.
  • The context menu options Rename Payee and Edit Memo were not working in Reports, preventing the renamed payee and changed memo from being displayed in transactions.

You can also download and install the Mondo Patch here.

Thank you!

-Quicken Anja
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