CD will not load to new laptop

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    I have the same problem as cwells but my CD is for 2011 and will not load to my new laptop I tried downloading the 2013 version but it asks for an e-mail address and password and I do not remember either after all this time. I have tried a couple but they are not correct. the program has not been linked to the net Do I really have to pay a monthly fee from now on or is there another app that I can look for that does not require an online presence?

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    If your screenname indicates anything, the 2013 Quicken is the US version and not the Canadian, so it isn't what you need.

    As far as the 2011 CD, what error are you getting? "will not load to my new laptop" doesn't tell us much to be able to help you.

    Was the CD a promotional CD from Quicken Marketing or was it in a retail package?

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  • canadianbeth
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    There was an error message but I do not know what it was; my son-in-law was trying to load it and he said the message was one he sees at work when software is too old I bought the CD at a store years ago.

    I see that there is a basic price of $3.99, would that be sufficient for me if I only use the program on the computer and not online? Of course, I know the 3.99 is U.S.$ and will be more in Canadian$

  • canadianbeth
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    I should add that after I registered I received an e-mail welcoming me and asking me to confirm my e-mail When I do that I get an error message saying it is not recognized I then went to Quicken Canada and tried registering there they say they sent a code to the address it is not there

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    Call Quicken Support to get this sorted out. Also, the Canadian product is priced in Canadian dollars, not USD. The version-feature comparison is provided here: The feature differentiation is function based, not related to whether you use the mobile/web versions. Use the feature comparison chart to figure out which version meets your needs.

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