Provide more detail in the Release Notes

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The Release notes are the only indication we users have of what has changed since the previous release. Many notes have entries like "Fixes for multiple crashes and errors." This is not enough information to tell whether a problem we have been seeing has been resolved. Also when new features are added, there is scant information about how the feature is supposed to work.

More details in the Release Notes would be very helpful. For example, for fixes it might say "Fixed a crash at the end of One Step Update for EWC+ accounts."

New features have little value if users can't figure out how to use them. The Notes for R50.5 were refreshingly detailed, but for example I could not find the new Hide Column button for reports (a tiny X that appears when mousing over the column heading) until someone pointed it out. A link to a detailed Support article for each new feature would be very helpful, and would not make the Release Notes any longer than they need to be.

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    Well said.

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    Makes perfect sense…


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