Entering a transaction with a new security / ticker symbol

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edited July 2023 in Investing (Windows)

This started happening some months ago (6-12?). Currently on Version R50.8 Build, Windows 10.

I trade options every week (hence new Security / ticker symbols every week). I enter my transactions manually (coz Quicken can't standardize with my institutions). I start with Date, then Action, then Security. When I hit Enter after entering the name of my (new) security, Quicken correctly says it is not in my list, and prompts me on 2 more screens to enter the ticker, class, etc, which I do. However on returning to the register, the Security field (The one I just entered) is blank, ie. lost. I have to retype it in again or find it in the security list. In previous versions, it would be filled with the new security I have just entered.

I have been living with it until now, hoping it will be fixed on the next update, but it isn't.


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