Mar2023-One Step is downloading transactions already in my register and reconciled


The original ticket is closed and I do not know how to contact the 2nd or 3rd line agent who tried diligently to figure out what was going on. Between Quicken and TurboTax along with other Windows 10 previously reliable applications acting "weird" I got to the bottom of the issues.

Display memory leaks caused by what was unimaginable memory management of all 3 web browsers…. because on that particular laptop it was limited by me not remembering it was Windows 32-bit because Microsoft never provided as easy migration path from 32-bit to 64-bit back with this laptop was cloned not reinstalled for my rental properties.

New laptop so I can run both in parallel (side-by-side) for 2 accounting cycles… no crashes and surprisingly no more "cloud" blues

I hope this gets to the right persons on the front lines dealing with customers like me who almost gave up on Quicken after gee '92-'23 gee 30 years of accounting records no longer backed up on paper.


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