How to handle PayPal Credit deferred interest transactions?

KC Smythe
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PayPal offers 6 months to pay with no interest on transactions over $100, via PayPal Credit (Synchrony). I have been doing these for years. The PayPal Credit login is the same as PayPal; the only way to get there is through the PayPal portal and not directly via "" URL that shows up on the PayPal Credit Synchrony pages. Now PayPal downloads show offsetting transactions for every deferred interest transaction, apparently transferring those balances on their books from PayPal to PayPal Credit. The PayPal Credit side of the transaction doesn't download. This is a change in their download behavior since I last the last deferred interest offer I took in August 2022. If I log into PayPal, it shows my PayPal balance as $0 and it shows my PayPal Credit balance was the $XXX.XX that I actually owe. I can manually download the PayPal Credit transactions into Quicken, but Quicken made me put them into a separate account instead of linking them to the PayPal account there. The only thing I could figure out was to treat all the PayPal downloaded items as transfers into the second account that Quicken made me set up. Please direct me to a better solution for automatically downloading these transactions into one account.


  • Quicken Kristina
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    Hello @KC Smythe,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community and telling us about this issue.  I'm sorry to hear you're running into this problem. The regular PayPal connection just shows your PayPal account and does not show transactions from other PayPal services (PayPal Credit, MasterCard, and Crypto). If you're wanting everything to show in one account, it won't automatically download that way, but you can manually add the transactions into the account you want them all to show in.

    Thank you.

    Quicken Kristina

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