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I have a single fund missing from the Investment dashboard. It shows up as usual in the transactions tab as Buy as I buy it each pay period in my 401k, but that fund does not appear at all in the Dashboard or any other summary view of my investments. The other 13 funds in the account are displaying properly. How do I fix this? My wife's 401k (separate account of course) also has the same problem. Same fund purchased each pay period. Shows up in her transaction as well but not in the summary view. Please help. Maybe it is something simple but we have had this funds for years and this just started. Never had a problem seeing the fund in the dashboard until last month or so.


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    So i found a recent transaction that removed a majority of the funds from the account in July 2023 but not exactly the amount. Both transactions were backdated to 1997 in my account and 2004 in my wife's in quicken. There was a comment that looks like Quicken applied saying to make the balance 0 in July 2023 X amount of funds were removed. I have no idea why quicken would randomly remove almost all the funds on those strange date in past. It didn't update that from online. So it seems like a glitch. I am guessing there are some other remove funds on random dates to that reconcile the remaining missing funds. This is really a pain to sort out and very frustrating to spend hours sorting through a quicken file to figure out why so much money is not appearing in a 401k.

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    Hello @cwzwol,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community and telling us about this issue.  I'm sorry to hear you're running into this problem. To clarify, are these odd transactions you mentioned in your 2nd post the reason for the fund not showing up on your dashboard, or are they a separate issue? What kind of transactions are they (adjustment, placeholder, something else)? Was there anything that happened just before those transactions appeared (such as having to disconnect/reconnect the accounts, power outage, unexpected program or computer shut down, program updates, etc)?

    Thank you.

    Quicken Kristina

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  • Jon
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    Are these Fidelity or NetBenefits 401K accounts? Because those are having problems right now with securities going missing.

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