How to batch export open stock lot details from Investing tab to excel or csv?

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When I have open stock positions, in the Investing tab if I expand the stock ticker it shows several open lots with dates,

e.g. LOT 10/17/2022

PRICE: 108.37

Shares: 215

The sum total of these lots and shares equals the US dollar cost basis of the stock using the average cost method.

How do I export these LOT details in excel or csv so that I can do a currency exchange transformation of each lot to get the cost basis in another functional currency?

PS. Also does anyone know if these LOT segments that compose the total cost basis are using average cost, adjusting for all purchases and sales representing the remaining open position? It seems to be so as they are the actual US dollar purchase price on those dates, but not sure.

Thank you.


  • Tom Young
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    To get a lot list that you can import into Excel, click on Investing > Portfolio, then click on the drop-down arrow next to "Show" and select on of the unused "CustomX" portfolio views. Customize that view to show the security for which you want the detail by clicking on Options > Customize current view…

    This customized view should have columns headings of Name, Shares, and Quote/Price. Click on the Plus (+) symbol next to the security name and all the lot detail will be listed out. Click Ctrl-P and select "Export to" tab-delimited. Give the file a name and "print" it.

    You can import that file into Excel.

  • Jim_Harman
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    To see the lot details in the Portfolio view, you must also select Account next to Group by:

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