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On 6/17/23 we reconciled our checking account,it balanced. We never go online while reconciling a account. The closing balance was $9616.19. On 7/16/23 we received a new statement from our bank. When we went to reconcile the checking account our prior balance ,according to Quicken, was $200. more,$9816.19. This prior balance field autofills. I changed it manually.That $200 shows up on the next window where you mark your cleared items. We spent alot of time trying to answer the $200 question, perhaps a prior item that had been marked as cleared got unmarked,$200 entry couldn't find anything.We are long time Quicken users(2009) prior to that we had used an Ag specific software program for our large dairy farm,I've never had to call Quicken support. I called Quicken support .Our contact person couldn't find an obvious reason for the discrepancy.He did, however notice when looking at our screen on the window where you mark cleared and uncleared items on the lower portion of the screen where it listed online bank balance. When we looked at our settings Quicken was set to go online,we turned this off (I never knowingly turned this on). He wished me well in finding the reason for this $200.We can't , we have gone back to an old back-up , installed that, and updated our transactions with the same results. I haven't called Quicken support again,posing a question here and hopefully might get some help.Thanks.



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    Do you enter all the transactions for this account manually, or do you download transactions from the bank?

    If you download transactions, the Online Balance will be downloaded at the same time. There have been issues where the Online Balance does not match the downloaded transactions because of pending transactions. If you go to the bank's website, do you you see pending transactions that might explain the difference?

    Do you use the Quicken app or Quicken on the Web?

    If you go to Edit > Preferences > Mobile and Web, what position is the Sync slider in? If you don't use the app or Quicken on the Web, it should be in the left (Off) position.

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    Yes, it's not a systemic Quicken error or we'd all be $200 off in our registers. Quicken Support will be of limited help because it's not a programming error but a user input error. So, you're going to have to put your detective cap back on. Somewhere, there's a cleared/uncleared transaction(s) that shouldn't be. I say transactions because it could be a singular $200 transaction, or any number of transactions that add up to exactly $200. When it happens to me, I typically find the error(s) in my register right around the closing date of the statement.

    If you still can't find the error(s), you'll have to assume the bank is correct and enter a balance adjustment transaction and move on.

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    Confirm that the Opening Balance of the register was not changed. Regardless if it has or hasn't, put the Opening Balance in the Memo field of that transaction for future reference.

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