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There seems to be conflicting statements from Quicken about whether you can safely move a quicken data file back and forth between computers because of the danger of corrupting or damaging the file. Will this idea work: Back up a file on one computer (the desktop) to a thumb drive. Use the thumb drive to import the back up to another computer, say a laptop. Work on the laptop for a couple of days, weeks, etc, then when ready to move back to the desktop, sync the laptop to the web (under mobile and web). Then on the desktop computer, sync it to the web (again under mobile and web)? I haven't tried this but would like an opinion before I do if this if it can avoid the possibility of corrupting files.


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    What you posted is the preferred way to move files WITHOUT corruption..

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    @NotACPA Did you read the whole question? I don't think you can use the mobile sync that way, to update the desktop computer from the laptop. You would have to move the file back to the Desktop using the same steps by backing up the laptop file and using the thumb drive to copy it to the Desktop.

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    @volvogirl is correct. You can not rely on the QMobile/QWeb sync to move the transactions back to the desktop.

    You need to do backup/restores or just plain file copies both directions.

    NEVER rely on QMobile/QWeb to keep two computers in agreement with each other for Quicken.

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