My Quicken linked Schwab Investment/cash account recently deleted holdings

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My Holdings went from 30 stocks/funds to 6 (including some from 10 years ago). My as-of date is today. In my cash account there are transactions for stock buys and sells but when you try and go to matching transactions there is none; these appear to just be cash transactions although they have the names of stocks in the transactions. Can I restore a single account from a backup file? I have had these two linked accounts in Quicken since 1997.



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    "Can I restore a single account from a backup file?"

    No, you can't do that.

    Have you tried logging out of Quicken, rebooting the computer, and looking at that file again?

    If that doesn't work then I'd first try Ctrl-z in the investment Account to see if that corrects thing. If that doesn't work then I'd try a validate or copy and validate.

    And if it doesn't work t, and this just happened today, then opening the latest backup - hopefully from yesterday - probably is the best option

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    Thanks for the suggestion. Tried that but didn't help. Have been working backwards through some backups. Found ones that had the correct balance but once opened and the it was synched with cloud the balance went down and holdings went from 30 back to 6 stocks. I'll try and contact Quicken on Monday. I had waited 2 weeks since noticing this and was pretty depressed. I should have reached out right away. Now I'm back to 7/6 and 7/1 dates.

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    @berndog4u said: I'll try and contact Quicken on Monday.

    Back when the Schwab/Quicken mess took place by the converting to EWC+ I contacted Schwab IT numerous times. They were very helpful.

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    Turn off cloud sync or reset your cloud. The sync is corrupting your restored backups.

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