Difficulty Downloading, Sometimes Freezes. Issues with Bills & Income. [Edited]

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I have been using quicken since I moved off Managing Your Money 20+ years ago. [Removed - Rant] The Rental and Business section of the program are totally useless for any meaningful operability and integration into the product.

The most concerning problem is the ability of downloading transactions into my different registers (Credit card and Bank) accounts. The downloading capability is fraught with problems. Sometimes the transactions will download and other times the account freezes and refuses to download the transactions and update the registers.

The Bills and income tabs are totally non reliable, and I've given up trying to get the Bills and Income function to work. I've reset the accounts, deleted the connection, deleted the accounts with no consistent resolution.

Sometimes (rarely) I can get the web connection download from the bank to work.

I've resorted to visit each bank or credit account every few days to download transactions. If a payment is due, I pay it on the Credit card web page and manually ender the transaction into Quicken. Not the best solution but it is the only thing that will work consistently.

I just wish there was another way to get around all these problems. [Removed - Solicitation]

I'm deeply disappointed with Quicken [Removed - Rant]


  • Quicken Kristina
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    Hello @John Nastasi,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community and telling us about this issue.  I'm sorry to hear you're running into these problems. How long have these issues been going on for? Was there anything that happened just before the issues started (power outage, program or operating system update, new program installed, unexpected program or computer shutdown, etc)? Have you been using the same Quicken file for 20+ years, or do you periodically start a new file? Have you gotten any error codes or error messages? Is there anything in specific that seems to trigger the freezes (does it always happen with one specific account or financial institution, for example)?

    Thank you.

    Quicken Kristina

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  • Arctic Hare
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    @John Nastasi it would be helpful if you provided more specific information, including identifying the banks involved. While I have had many issues with downloading transactions over the years, I can say that, presently, downloading from RBC Royal Bank and BMO Bank of Montreal normally works without any glitches. There may very well be something specific to your situation that is causing the issues.

    As Quicken Kristina suggested, I would start by posting which banks are involved and I also suggest trying a brand new test file to determine whether the issues persist in the test file. Happy to help if you post back with the additional info.

  • John Nastasi
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    Thank you for the input. First of all, I've had several data bases that were created. The last one is a number of years old and is 171 MBytes. I had to create most of them as a result of various types of corruption resulting from bad software release. Most of the responses I've received to problems are that the data is corrupted and to start with a fresh copy. This in nOT an acceptable answer.

    It's been a long road, and everything, with the exception of the Real Estate and Business portion of the software, works relatively well.

    The downloading of transaction data and getting invoices posted in the bills and Income tab is another story.

    This functionality is very problematic for me.

    My primary banks are Amex, Barclay, BofA, Chase, Citibank and Synchrony. Most are connecting with Express Web Connect. i did notice that if I tried to repair a connection, I would get a web page that would have multiple accounts. Example, I have 3 Chase accounts. all three would be on the web page for authorization. if one stopped downloading, I would still have to re-authorize all three accounts.

    The Bills & income tab hardly ever shows the online bills that are due. I've resorted to manually checking with each bank's web page and check if any bills are due. I usually pay on the bank web site and manually enter the online bills into chicks because Quicken does not allow scheduling of payments unless they are posted in the Bills and Income tab.

    Very frustrating and a total waste of productivity by manually entering transactions into Quicken.

  • Arctic Hare
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    Is there a reason you are posting about US banks in the forum section entitled "All things Canadian"? It sounds like you are using the US version of Quicken. This forum section is strictly for the Canadian version.

  • John Nastasi
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    My mistake,

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