Multiple Versions on One Desktop Computer

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Is it possible to host two versions of Quicken on one desktop computer?

I have a Premier version on my desktop now and also need to host a Deluxe version (for a club's accounting).


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    The fact that the club has been using Deluxe shouldn't be a factor here. Your Premier Version should open it just fine and won't change anything in that data file, there's no "conversion" process. All Quicken data files use the same format, the Quicken version only affects what tools or capabilities are turned on.

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    You already have both editions of Quicken installed. There is only ONE subscription Quicken program, the license decides which features (edition) are available.

    You can switch between editions by going thru Edit→Preferences→Quicken Id, "login as different user".

    To prevent hiccups in your separate data files, make sure that they are both uniquely named and switch between them using this process.

    Create a dummy data file named something like go_between.qdf with no accounts in it, it is just for transitioning between the two Quicken IDs.

    Now, you do NOT want to open your personal data file while the Quicken program is setup for the Club's ID and the same holds true for opening the Club's data file with your personal ID.

    So, that is where the dummy data file comes into play. Lets say you are using your data file and now want to work with the Club's data file.

    1. Open the dummy data file using either File→Open Quicken file or picking it from the recent file list on the File menu.
    2. Do Edit→Preferences→Quicken Id and then "login as different user" using the Club's ID.
    3. Open the Club's data file using either File→Open Quicken file or picking it from the recent file list on the File menu.
    4. Do what ever you needed to do.

    Now, when you want to work with your personal data file, follow the same procedure except substitute your personal data file and Quicken ID where you used the Club's information.

    I suggest always returning the state of registration of Quicken to your personal Quicken ID and only have it in "Club mode" when it needs to be so that you don't inadvertently open your personal data file with the Club ID which would require you do do steps 1 & 2 again as 5 & 6 using personal ID.

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