Update R51.12 Lost ALL DATA!!!

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Opened Quicken, which prompted an automatic update. Afterwich, I got a blank screen followed by a prompt to restore from a backup or start "new." Everything was wiped…no accounts, no transactions, no nothing. Unfortunately, since Quicken now touts that is web-connected, I thought it maintained cloud-based info and backups, so I only do hard backups occasionally. Boy did I just learn that the hard way! My last backup was around the first of the year, and before I reconciled multiple accounts for 2022 taxes, so restoring from that backup only help marginally. Any thoughts on how to get everything back? Does the software not automatically perform a backup prior to updating versions? If so, where can I find that, to try to restore things?


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    look in your Document folder - for the \Quicken\ folder and the next level \Backup\ folder


    and here is the info …

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    Search your harddrive for *.QDF-backup files.

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    Quicken has a really nice tool to use when searching for Quicken data files (both the standard data files and the backup data files): File > Find Quicken Files.

    When Quicken updates the version it automatically creates a backup file with the version being updated added to the back up file name. It will look something like this (shaded in yellow). This is the kind of backup file you want to look for and Find Quicken Files is an easy way to do that.:

    For future reference: I have my Quicken set to automatically back up my data file after every session closes and I always shut down Quicken before going to bed. I also have it set to save the last 35 backup files so I can usually feel confident that I have a lot of backup files to choose from in case an issue is identified at some point and the only way to fix it is to restore a back up file. I suggest you do something similar with your Backup Preferences as shown here. Instead of being focused so much on the number of backup copies to keep, I suggest you set that number to approximate at least 1 month so if you only run Quicken 1X per week then maybe 4-5 copies is sufficient but if you run it every day then keeping maybe 30-35 copies would be better.:

    If you set up your preferences to automatically backup like this then you will rarely need to do manual backups.

    It's OK to save your backups on your hard drive but I suggest that at least 1X you save your backups somewhere other than your hard drive such as on a cloud storage site or maybe a thumb drive. This way if your hard drive crashes you will still have access to your back up files.

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