Will Quicken ever have an x64 port to improve speed and stability?

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I get very slow performance, crashes, freezes, bugs and Quicken seems so fragile, like walking on eggshells. Anyone think a port to x64 will improve the software? I would think in 2023 all software should be x64 not x86.



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    Anyone think a port to x64 will improve the software?

    Probably not, it is old software as it is and 64bit probably going to help it unless they did a COMPLETE rebuild of it and we can see how long it has taken them to do the Mac version (started pre-2010) and it isn't even close to the QM2007 version yet.

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    The stability, and performance problems aren't related to being x64 or x86. Boy would it be nice that you could just recompile under x64 and all your problems would go away. The main reason Quicken is fragile because it is over 35 years old and has a long mix of old and new code and APIs.

    And for the record I don't believe that rewriting the code would solve the problem. People (probably including the old Quicken Mac developers) way underestimate all the features in Quicken and how long it takes to implement them. The result is that it takes many years to do, and in that time, people come and go, Microsoft (Apple) change APIs, and obsoletes some of them. And as such the same thing happens, over time the software become "fragile". Big companies like Microsoft/Apple can combat this by having tons more developers. Others might combat it by limiting the features. And one of the limiting factors is what is viable from a business standpoint. Bigger market, you can spend more. Quicken plays in a very limited market, with very limited grow potential.

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