Should I Move Investment Transactions or Transfer Account Balances?

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I have new investment accounts with the same firm but a different branch. Should I move the transactions in the old accounts to the new accounts, or just transfer the balances, leaving the history in the old accounts? Running Quicken Premier R51, Windows 11. Thanks.


  • splasher
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    I would have disconnected from downloading the original accounts and then reconnected/linked them with the new account numbers thus keeping everything in the original Quicken accounts.

    If you have a backup from immediately before the move, you could restore it and do the whole thing over and obviously redoing anything else that needs redoing.

    I know that is not an answer to what you asked, but that is my suggestion.

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  • Tom Young
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    You can do it either way, to your liking. Since it's the same broker but essentially only a different account number I'd probably opt to leave everything in the same Quicken Account, unless you can attach some significance to the change, e.g., the change in branch means you have a different advisor and you want to keep track of each advisor's recommendations, or something.

  • QWinUser
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    @billr - if the accounts number haven't changed, then there is nothing you need to do. If the account numbers did change, then I agree with @splasher. The only time creating a new account would be appropriate is if you rolled your assets or cash to a new account or transferred your assets or cash to a new firm.

  • billr
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    The account numbers did change, along with the advisor. Will probably go with @splasher. Had not really thought about that—that's why I came here! Thanks to all.

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