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in Quicken I have my brokerage checking set up with "show cash in a checking account". That works fine. Quicken places all regular checking activity into my Quicken checking cash account and interest shown in the Quicken checking account is swept into the Quicken checking cash account. I had a brokerage preferred savings account set off my brokerage checking account. In Quicken, the checking account has the entry for the movement to savings as a Bought transaction but there is no sweep out of the of the Quicken checking cash account. The interest earned on the saving portion is also a Bought transaction in the Quicken checking account, but it is shows as a deposit in the Quicken checking cash account. Do I use a Savings Goal in the Quicken Checking Cash account but then how is the savings interest handled. The Quicken checking account has a balance equal to the money transferred to savings and interest on the savings.


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    I have found my answer. this can be closed.

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